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Tipsy Bee

Grammar & Chill and Creative Control presents

The Tipsy Bee: A Spelling Bee For Adults

The CCF Pre-Party

How well can you and your crew spell after a couple of drinks?

Teams with three people can compete in The Tipsy Bee for prizes and nerd cred!

Suck at spelling?

Come cheer on the spelling squads...there will be happy hour drink and food specials all night!

The Game

The MC will:

Say each word making sure it is pronounced clearly

Give a definition for the word

Use the word in a sentence

Say the word again

As each word is given the team can huddle to write the word clearly on a whiteboard. All the teams try to spell the same word at once holding up their boards. The DJ will play a song for 30 seconds and signal when time is up. When time is up, the team must hold up their board - failure to do so could result in a misspell.

When the teams have written the word, the MC will then read out the correct spelling.

Eliminator - Two words misspelled leads to elimination.

Team of 3 people :$20

General admission: $5

Earlier Event: September 16